American police have killed more with bullets than have been killed in all the wars and terrorist attacks since Vietnam. American police have killed more people with bullets since 2000 than were killed in the terrorist attacks of 911. Few of these killings have been resolved by a jury trial.


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2004 in the United States: (From DOJ Statistics)

14,004,327 Arrests
By Survey, 430,000 Instances of Excessive Force By the Police
666 'Justified' Kills by Police and 'Citizens'
1,285,501 Arrests for Assault
57,841 Arrests for Assaulting an Officer
52 Police Officers Feloniously Killed
Prison plus jail population per 100,000 inhabitants:

725 USA
713 Russia
124 UK
102 Canada
98 Germany
92 Italy
80 France
64 Sweden
61 Denmark
29 Iceland

TThe United States spends $300 billion a year on police, criminal litigation, and prisons.
Beware the PCP complex! (PCP = Police, Court, Prison)